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July 22, 2013
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Juneau the Monstrog Bio .:READ DESCRIPTION:. by JuneauTheHedgheog Juneau the Monstrog Bio .:READ DESCRIPTION:. by JuneauTheHedgheog
Okay, i was extremely lazy with the coloring on this bio, but i am still trying to get used to my new tablet, so lets just get to the bio (ps, I made the species 'Monstrog' by combining the words 'monster' and 'dog', because thats basically what he is.)
Name: Juneau
Species: monstrog (Monster Dog)
Age: 14 (suprisingly)
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: about 115 killograms
Birth place: Unknown
Date of Birth: April 3, 1999
Alignment: Hero
Ability type: Power
Powers: Abnormal strength, auratic abilities, Monstrog abilities
Forms: Monstrog lv.1, lv.2 and lv.3
Likes: Food, training, little bro Chilios, hhis friends, relaxing in a hot bath, showing off
Dislikes: cheese, potaoes, someone better then him (unless there his friends in most cases), cold showers/baths, hateful people, people who gloat, and bad guys
Fears: Arachnids and snakes, and losing his loved ones
Personality: Modest, and sometimes a bit timid to his fears, playful, and trustworthy, although a bit hot headed
Relatives: Chilios (younger brother) Ruff, Tuff and Buff* (cousins)
Friends: Comet and Lunaris
Story: Juneau was raised with his brother by his older cousins, and with no real memory of their parents, they learnd e to live and hone their talents of being a Monstrog. Juneau first learned of his aura abilities at the age of 7 wit his brothers help, and they trusted no one but themselves until Juneau met Comet and Lunaris in a corner against Dr. Eggmans robots while he was on an evening stroll, upon which caused him to get in the crossfire. After the robots where defeated, Juneau, being thankful of the two saving him, he vowed never to leave their side and support them in anyways, dragging his brother with him. And then he and his two new friends Comet and Lunaris, with help of his little brother Chilios and his 3 cousins, became Team Backlash.
Sorry if this a crappy Bio, it's been a while since i did one, but at least i finally made one :D

Juneau (c): :iconjuneauthehedgheog:

*Note, i was completely tired and lazy when i made those names for the cousins, so do NOT judge me.
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